Lower Grade training for grades 2-6 will start on Thursday, March 8 on Powell field at the Hockey Centre in Lyneham. Training runs from 8-9pm. Please try and get to this training. Grading is an ongoing process, and if you get to training the more chance you have of being in the team that best suits your abilities.

Training for CL1 starts this Thursday 8pm, March 1 on Powell Field at the Lyneham Hockey Centre. Anyone aspiring to play CL1 this year is invited to train at this time.


This week will be a double session for potential CL1 players. There will be a fitness session at Lyneham hockey centre from 7 to 8 preceding the skills session from 8 to 9 session today Thursday, March 1.

From next week the schedule for CL1 aspirants will be a double session on Tuesdays consisting of fitness from 6:30 to 7:30 on O’Connor oval followed on the same night by a skils session on the field at Lyneham from 8 to 9.

A skills session will also be held on Carter field at Lyneham, Thursdays 8 to 9pm.

The final 2012 CL1 squad will be refined and announced in the coming weeks.

All Information is available on the ANUHockey Calendar


Any queries please contact higher grades Comp Sec Tim Hoar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.