Are you new to Canberra and confused about the difference between Capital League and State league?

Hockey ACT have divided the senior men's and women's competitions into two distinct groups, Capital League and State League.


The main Winter Season outdoor competition consists of the following competitions for both men and women:
3.1.1. An Elite Competition called Capital League (CL) consisting of two grades, called CL1 and CL2.
3.1.2. A Graded Competition called State League (SL) consisting of one or more grades, called SL1, SL2, etc.
3.1.3. A Structured Competition called Canberra Cup consisting of one or more named grades with names determined by the Competitions Committee (e.g. Grass, Weekday).


You can interpret this to mean that CL1 is first grade, CL2 is second grade, SL1 is third grade, SL2 is fourth grade and so on.  ANU has teams in every grade.

You can find out all about it in Hockey ACT's document outlining the Senior Compeition rules here: