ANU Women's Hockey Club has teams in every grade of the Hockey ACT competition.

In the 2018 competition, we fielded two teams in the State League 2 and State League 3 grades.


2018 Standings

Capital League 1 1st 2018 Shield 
Capital League 2 2nd
State League 1 6th
State League 2 Blue 3rd
State League 2 White 4th
State League 3 Blue 10th
State League 3 White 4th
State League 4 4th



Representative Players


Tamika Bostock

  • 2018 Australian Country Senior Women's Team

Emma Lomas

  • 2018 Canberra Strikers Australian Hockey League (AHL) Squad

Jessica Smith

  • Canberra Strikers Australian Hockey League (AHL) Team
  • 2018 Australian Women's Indoor Development Team
  • ACT Open Indoor Team
  • 2017 McKay Medal

Peta Sutherland

  • ACT Open Indoor Team
  • Canberra Strikers AHL Squad

Shelley Watson

  • 2018 Women's Indoor Hockey World Cup Australian Team
  • Canberra Strikers Australian Hockey League (AHL) Team
  • ACT Open Indoor Team

Lucy Jalland, Annie Burgess, Elizabeth Carter, Ashling Donnelly, Isobel Cowell and Gabi Millan all donned the blue and yellow for their respective age groups with Imogen Hellyer and Emily Keane being shadow players. We saw the biggest ever ANU contingent at Masters in 2017, with Jill Millan, Anna MacDonald, Kirsten McKinnon, Louise Crossman, Annie Daley, Karen Hardy, Kristy Anderson and Angela Mitchell.

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Club History

The Canberra University College was formed in 1930 from the University Association of Canberra but it was not until 1946 that the Australian National University Act was passed by Federal Government to create the ANU. The first academic staff didn’t arrive until 1950 and then  it wasn’t until 1960 that ANU amalgamated with the Canberra University College, with the CUC became the school of general studies with undergraduate students.

In 1946, a club called “University” entered a team in A grade, coming a creditable 4th out of 8 teams.  In 1947 they again entered the competition but only came 7th. The following year they came 3rd and in 1949 they came 4th.

University did not then appear until 1958 when they entered a team in the B grade competition. They remained in the competition as University sometimes with 1, then 2, then 3 teams changing the name to ANU in 1968 which is the name they have kept until present day.  The club has had varying success over the years, expanding and contracting, winning and losing, changing uniforms and even spawning offshoots to overcome grading issues. It is the oldest club in the senior completion.

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Life Members

1990 Megan Hammond
1990 Margaret Jones
1990 Susan Lucas
1990 Margaret McCaskie
1990 Pat Moessenger
1990 Jenny Mottlee
1990 Catherine Piper
1990 Sue Watt
1991 Alexandra Wedutenko
1993 Cate Rosier
1996 Megan Coombes
1996 Cath Moore
1996 Trish Marskell
1998 Kathryn Hughes
1998 Meegan Summers
2001 Janette Marskell
2009 Karen Hardy
2009 Jemma Martin
2015 Georgia Phillips
2016 Louise Crossman
2018 Cassidy Boyd
2018 Andrew Knight (Honourary)

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