Information about 2020 fees will be published in the first quarter of 2020.


2019 Fees

Every club player must pay club fees. You must be registered and have partially paid your fees (Hockey Australia Levy and ANU Club Affiliation Fee if applicable) before you play your first round with the club. The season starts the weekend 29 March 2019. Please note that HACT's registration system, Revolutionise, has merchant fees. The club does offer payment plans to anyone that requests them, please contact the treasurer to arrange.


Membership Category Fee
ANU Student $380 + Hockey Australia Levy
ANU Student GK with own kit $160 + Hockey Australia Levy
Non-ANU Student $580# + Hockey Australia Levy
Non-ANU Student GK with own kit    $251.97# + Hockey Australia Levy
Junior playing seniors $500# + Hockey Australia Levy
Junior GK with own kit playing seniors  $280# + Hockey Australia Levy
Life member $251.97# + Hockey Australia Levy


#This amount includes the $120 ANU Club Affilation Fee (previously SRA) in its total which all non-ANU students must pay. You must be an ANU Student or a member of ANU Sport to play for this club and this payment is due at the time of registration. Do not pay this fee through ANU Sport as ANU Women's Hockey club now manages this. If you have previously purchased an ANU Sport membership through another university affilated club contact the treasurer for a reimbursement form. If you're a club Life Member and an ANU Student, or a Life Member of ANU Sport, please also contact the treasurer prior registration.


Hockey Australia Levy

Hockey Australia introduced a compulsory player levy in 2018 for all players. This levy must be paid upon registration. The levy is $28.03 (includes GST) for senior players and $16.82 (includes GST) for juniors. 



Uniforms (shirts ~$45, skirts ~$25 and socks ~$10) are a separate cost and are available from the Lyneham Hockey shop. Second hand shirts (~$25) may be available, please contact the equipment officer to confirm. There is some leniency in the first few weeks of the season as members pick up their uniforms. In this time, a white shirt and some royal blue shorts and socks are acceptable to play in.


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