Every club player must pay club fees.  Fees for the season are set out below.

The ANU Women's Hockey Club uses a sliding scale for fees - the earlier you pay, the lower your fees.

There are two types of fees that must be paid, ANUWHC Club Fees and an ANU Student Recreation Association Membership (SRA) for non-ANU students.  Current ANU students will pay the SRA fee with their University invoice each semester, so this hockey fee does not apply. Further details below.

 Fees are due by  4 May 30 June  After 1 July
 ANU Student  $380 $400 $420
 Under 18 High School Student*  $380 $400  $420
 Other*  $460 $480 $520

*Sports and Recreation Association (SRA) Membership


Sports and Recreation Association (SRA) Membership

If you are not a current ANU student, you are required to join the ANU Sports and Recreation Association and pay the associated fee. The current ANU Sports and Recreation Association fee is $120.  Join up online or at the ANU SRA building (the gym). 


Payment Methods

There are several easy and quick ways to pay your fees.


The preferred payment method of payment is by direct deposit to:

BSB 062903
Account Number 00901829
Account Name ANU Women's Hockey Club
Bank Commonwealth Bank

Make sure to put your name in the subject, for example, Jane Citizen - hockey fees.


Other arrangements

If you are unable to pay your fees online or at the bar, please speak to the treasurer who may be able to arrange for an alternative method of payment.

For more information, or to arrange a payment plan, contact our Treasurer, Melanie Rosier at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Uniforms are a separate cost and are availalbe from the Lyneham Hockey shop.  Shirts will be sold at training for $45.  There will be some leniency in the first few weeks of the season as members pick up their uniforms.  In this time, a white shirt and some royal blue shorts are acceptable to play in.

Socks and skirts are available to buy at the Lyneham Hockey Shop.

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